MRCS/WUP-FIN - Training

The second phase will extend the project to the all four riparian countries of Lower Mekong Basin and thus, the training program will be extended as well.

This Training site will provide information for the WUP-FIN trainees and other people who are interested to get more information of the project and methods used in it. The pages contain:

  • model documents

  • user guides and manuals for models

  • training packages with model exercises and instructions

  • news, and

  • other material which may be useful during and after the training period

Select the folder you are interested in from the menu on the right. In any question or comment, please contact to .

Model documents


Training packages


Other material




New in pages:

- New VMod model manual (Jul 21st, 2006)

- New EIA 3D model manual (Jul 21st, 2006)




Last updated on June 14th 2006