Project Content

Project aims at creating means to understand physical, chemical and biological processes in the Tonle Sap and to assist in the maintenance of sustainable conditions of the lake. The main objectives are:

- to support MRCS, NMCs, Cambodian line agencies, and NGO’s by providing an enhanced knowledge base, analytical tools and guidelines, that are based on improved understanding of the interaction between the physical and biological features of the lake and their changes that may occur due to human activities;

- to create means to assist in the maintenance of sustainable conditions of the Tonle Sap system;

- to assist, through on-the-job and other training, in increasing the modelling capability of the MRCS, CNMC and the line agencies and to help create a sustainable modelling group

- to ensure that the modelling framework allows future adaptation to include new modules for analysing and predicting impacts of proposed actions on the aquatic ecosystem, water uses and socio-economic functions.

Project consists of field measurements, modelling, socio-economic analysis and preparation of management tools as well as training program. Advanced hydrological, hydrodynamic, water quality and eutrophication models will be used in the project.

To see a map of the location of the Tonle Sap Lake, please click on the image below: