MRC/WUP-FIN, Lower Mekong Modelling Project

Project “Hydrological, Environmental and Socio-Economic Modelling Tools for the Lower Mekong Basin Impact Assessment” (WUP-FIN 2nd phase) is a complementary project to the Mekong River Commission Water Utilization Programme (WUP). It is funded by the Development Cooperation Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland.

The WUP-FIN Phase 2 Project will provide additional modelling tools, data, and training for the MRCS and the NMCs. The project focus on four target areas, one in each riparian country (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand and Vietnam). These hotspots are introduced in more details within these pages.

The Project lead consultant Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) forms a project consortium together with Environmental Impact Assessment Centre of Finland (EIA Ltd.) and Helsinki University of Technology (TKK/WR). Project duration is from May 2004 to October 2006 (31 months).

New on the pages:

- Publication list updated (Mar 18th, 2008)

- Map of the Mekong Delta (Oct 6th, 2004)

- Map of the lower Mekong Basin (Nov 9th, 2004)


Boatman in Tonle Sap Lake. To see the photo larger, please click on the image below:




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