The WUP-FIN Phase 2 Project will provide additional modelling tools, data, and training for the MRCS and the NMCs. The project focus on four target areas:

  • Watershed management in Thailand - The Nam Songkram watershed: simulate hydrological processes in the whole watershed and hydrodynamic flood properties and water quality in the productive floodplains

  • Bank erosion in Lao PDR - develop an advanced modelling tool to analyze potential river bank erosion caused by currents, and bank erosion causes, focusing on the Vientiane area

  • Tonle Sap Lake & Cambodian floodplains - vulnerability of its ecosystem, biological productivity, erosion, and flooding to developments in the upstream basin

  • Mekong Delta - enhance understanding of the complex hydrological ecosystem and socio-economic processes and understand how conflicting water needs can be met

The work is undertaken by three main organisations:

  • Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), lead consultant,

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Centre of Finland Ltd (EIA Ltd), and

  • Water Resources Laboratory, Helsinki University of Tehchnology (TKK/WR)

Project's first phase, Tonle Sap Modelling project, started on June 4th 2001 and was finished on June 2003. The bridging phase between the two phases was going on from July 2003 to April 2004 while this second phase started on May 2004 and will last 31 months until October 2006.