About us

Environmental Impact Assessment Centre of Finland (EIA Ltd) is an independent consultancy company founded in 1990. Prior to 1990 we were part of the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), the largest research institute in Scandinavia. We have completed more than 400 modelling and IWRM / (Integrated Water Resources Management) consultation projects in Europe, Mediterranean countries, Africa and Asia.

Our work especially during last decade has strengthened our vision that a holistic, evidence based approach to IWRM decision making reduce risks, helps to save costs and facilitates damage mitigation.

According to our vision modelling as an engineering science must democratized, to be brought directly into the hands of IWRM planners and decision makers, people who actually explore the planning options and take responsibility of the decision to be taken. It requires that powerful, easy to use, understandable, spatial and visual software tools are made available, tools that combine proven scientific foundation with in-built applications that provide practical results. This vision has been conducting our software development work for more than 25 years.