IWRM Impact Assessment

IWRM impact assessment

Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) is a conceptual framework intended to guide equitable and integrated management of water resources. Modelling tools are an important type of  management instrument that can be used to inform IWRM planning.

IWRM planning process is about gaining an understanding the possible outcomes of planned basin management scenarios.  Scenario analysis are used to explore the possible impacts of management actions different from present (baseline) conditions.

The EIA IWRM Modelling Tool is built for supporting the scenario analysis process. It enables water managers, sector experts, communities and modellers to test and assess the impacts of basin management  alternatives in the context of a whole river basin.

Planned management activities are simulated and tested together and separately to understand their individual and cumulative effects. Modelling output is transformed into concrete spatial and visual information, which can be analysed, compared and communicated to stakeholders involved.