Mekong AR Climate change

References related to Mekong AR Climate change.

Application Indicators Client Location Year
Ecosystem and farming vulnerability for climate change, climate change Adaptation Climate indicators, crop suitability and yield USAID Mekong Basin 2012 2013
Road and bridge climate change proofing Upstream impacts on flow, scouring and flooding Vietnam, ADB Cao Lanh and Vam Cong Bridges and connecting road 2011 2012
Thermal power plant climate change proofing Upstream impacts on flow and flooding Mekong 2010
Climate change risk screening Upstream impacts on flow and sediment; Delta impacts on salinity, agriculture, fisheries, aquaculture and coastal erosion WB Delta 2014 2015
Research Use of global datasets for modelling Academic Mekong Basin 2013 2014
Watershed management Sediment, flow GIZ Nam Ton, Laos 2007
Watershed management WQ, hydropower, irrigation, mining Academic Nam Ngum, Laos 2012 2014
Hydropower management Climate change, dam safety, cascade management, economics, sedimentation KENSAI, ADB Nam Ngiep, Laos 2014
Climate change adaptation, Hydro-Agro-Economic Model for climate change adaptation Climate change adaptation, farming planning on basin, provincial and village levels Laos, WB Central Laos and Thailand 2011 2013