Tonle Sap Navigational Channel Feasibility Study

References related to Tonle Sap Navigational Channel Feasibility Study.

Application Indicators Client Location Year
Dredging feasibility Navigational channel erosion and sediment deposition, lake water flow MRCS Tonle Sap 2007
River junction management Bank erosion, fish larvae drift, sand mining MRCS Chaktomuk 2004 2007
Floodplain water quality and sedimentation Acidity flushing, overland flow and its sediment and nutrient input, harmful substance spreading MRCS Plain of Reeds 2004 2007
River bank protection River bank erosion MRCS Tan Chau 2004 2007
Road and bridge climate proofing Flooding, wave action, scouring Vietnam, ADB Cao Lanh and Vam Cong Bridges and connecting road 2011 2012
Flooding and water temperature impacts on a power plant Coolant water intake temperature, coolant recirculation to intake, coolant downstream  impacts, flooding Vietnam, ADB Mekong 2010  –
Salinity intrusion prevention Sea level rise and dredging impacts on salinity intrusion (density flow), harmfull substance spreading MRCS Tieu River Mouth 2004 2007